Prepare for Trouble, Make it Quintuple – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 22

So here’s where the new introduction gets to strut its stuff, and reveal its name…well, have its name revealed by some sort of voice from the beyond, or something like that, I’m not even sure. Anyway, it’s name is Tiamagdor…wihch, rather obviously, is a portmanteau of Tiamat and Trogdor. >_>

For this awesome opponent, strutting its stuff mostly involves displaying its five types of breath-weapons connected with its five differently-colored heads. It does do so one by one, for some of these various types of discharge really don’t go too well with each other…calling the whole concept of a multi-headed dragon into question, but I digress. On the subject of practical considerations, I placed the black head lowest and most forward, due to the acid breath…I thought dripping would be problematic, otherwise. But when I looked around for a suitable visualization of the acid effect, I realized that acid apparently isn’t that green, bubbling stuff I imagined, but something along the lines of a rainbow-colored, visually distorted stuff? Who knew!

With five Trogdor-like heads, Tiamagdor should have five times the brain-power of a Trogdor…but I’m not sure whether that actually amounts to much, even with that multiplier. Tiamat, of course, has genius-level intelligence according to the Monster Manual…but on the TV show, she wasn’t capable of speech and reliably fell for the simplest of traps or ruses, so I guess that dragon intelligence is something of a subjective matter.

Since Tiamagdor has a much higher head-to-body ratio than Tiamat, there’s not a lot of stuff to strut, apart from the breath-weapons. But it’s single, muscular arm isn’t totally useless, it can still do some rude gestures, at least. I guess it could work much like “taunt“, just non-verbally. And, yeah, I guess theoretically Tiamat could do rude gestures, too, but it was never shown to do so on the TV show, and the Monster Manual also doesn’t mention that type of attack.

I don’t really know what a multi-headed dragon roar would sound like, but fortunately I only have to type it in this medium. I’m sure it must be quite impressive, though, the sound effect they used on the old TV cartoon hardly did the concept justice.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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