The Bestie and the Beastiary – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 21

Well, even with all of that coming-to-grips-with-changes going on with the team, we shouldn’t lose track of the fact that we weren’t quite finished with that D&D show intro yet, and consequently that some key elements still require introduction. They also bring the setting’s fantasy-factor up by a considerable amount, which is sorely needed.

One of them we’ll cover briefly. The annoying unicorn. >_> I was tempted to skip that, but unfortunately it’s got a role to play…so, yeah, it’s in, but I’ll try to keep its screen-time within reasonable bounds. Tight, tight bounds. >_> Obviously, I did make some changes to the basic design, which…well, depending on your attitude towards that, might make the whole either slightly less annoying or massively more so. XD

Naturally, the frightened unicorn makes a beeline for the Professor, guided by its instincts. Either it sensed the innocence associated with his newly-found youth, or it sensed the mindset of a scientist inside the youthful body…and unicorns, being basically trolls, will never pass up an opportunity to dismay a scientist by flouting their scientifically-implausible existence around them.

The other key element introduced today is, of course, the five-headed dragon. Don’t ask me how they managed to not see it approach, they must have been totally distracted by their own internal issues. I’ve sligthly modified the dragon’s design, as well, and my earlier remarks concerning the effect apply here, as well. XD

More on that dragon on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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