No Member Anymore – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 20

And here’s the point were Mopey finally gets some enjoyment out of the whole process. She’s been itching to cut up and invalidate Biff’s man card since forever, or at least ever since she’s known him…which felt like forever to her, especially whenever he opened his mouth and said something. The thought that she’d get to finally do it was the only thing that kept her going on down the long, meandering road she had to guide Biff on toward at least a basic level of acceptance.

I’ve kept most of the process off-screen to save time, but I couldn’t pass by this final moment, which Mopey considers ‘crowning‘. She insisted there be a strip of it, so she could have it printed out and framed…and hang it on her wall of honor next to the pair of scissors, which she intends to have gilded and engraved. These are deeply meaningful keepsakes to her, of course…and, should the change in question prove to be only temporary, ideal taunting material for later.

She’d have loved to also get to keep the cut-up man card itself, but Biff will need it to get a refund on his unused membership fees. And, yeah, Biff’s membership number started with “1637”…in the way these numbers are constructed, that doesn’t say anything about when he joined, though: the first four digits of that number only indicate what year your ideas of masculinity are from. >_> And, yeah, he had the cold card. Which is, however, the lowest grade. Above that are platinum, iridium, orichalcum, adamantium and unobtainium.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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