Two girls, no cup – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 19

While it should go without saying, I think it still can’t hurt stating explicitly: Mopey’s threat does not apply exclusive to her teammates, but to any readers of the strip, as well. I’m not entirely sure how she would go about tracking those readers down and taking her revenge, given that she’s only a fictional character…but, still, you must make up your own mind on whether that’s a risk you’re willing to run, or not. I only giggled, to be on the safe side.

After Monday’s update, a reader helpfully pointed out that Snuka actually was female for a good part of chapter 5, which totally hadn’t occurred to me when I wrote Monday’s comment. I tend to often lose track of marginal little details like the genders of my characters, let’s call it…uh…I dunno…”air-headedness”? Something along those lines. >_>

For Snuka the experience was deeply traumatic, but only for a short while…and I didn’t really go into the details of the process of adaptation. But I felt in Biff’s case the process shouldn’t be entirely that off-screen and painless both for her, as well as for Mopey, who is, for the first time in her life, actually trying to help Biff. And while Mopey has all of the relevant job experience, the process of transferring the fundamentals to Biff doesn’t go quite as smoothly as she had expected. But perhaps she was a little bit naive, there…as Biff’s parents would have readily told here, learning proper toilet use took Biff a long time and a lot of failed attempts the first time around, so expecting her to succeed on her first try this tinme around was a bit optimistic.

And then, yeah…this one particular strip I basically did only so I could use that title. Although at the last moment I kinda wavered between it and “Pee-Gate, part II”, but…

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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