Sage Advice – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 9

As you would imagine, the lack tangible consequences and visual interest involved in their great victory had left K’ip and Si’ri somewhat at a loss. They had done what they had set out to do, completed a vast quest against overwhelming odds…and had kinda expected something that’ll help them feel an appropriate sense of achievement for it. A cut-scene with triumphant music and a vast cheering crowd, a look into the future where they’ll still be remembered in a thousand years, something like that.

In the absence of anything of the sort, they made an attempt at organizing something themselves, but it kinda fell flat. Don’t ask me how they got the idea, or rather, how the idea got to their world. And, yeah, I know that George W. Bush probably didn’t really stuff a sock in his pants, but it’s become firm part of the stereotype/meme/legend, so K’ip has to do it.

But even with the question of “What about it?” provisionally answered, they still had to try and find an answer to the question “What now?”. The Elder, unfortunately, was unavailable for comment. Being, apparently, the only elder in the village, he has to dispose of all of the elder berry liqueur produced there, and that sometimes quite sets him back.

Fortunately for our friends, fantasy settings like theirs feature traveling, free-lance sages on whose services you can call when your assigned mentor is unavailable, and they happen to run into one right as the left the dungeon. Such a fortunate, not suspicious-at-all coincidence. Such sages’ rates are reasonable, they accept all common cards as well as barter trade, and their advice is often nearly as good and topical as the sort provided by established local sages*. And they only rarely suffer from any sort of demonic possession, so this sage’s glowing red eyes shouldn’t give you too much of a pause. Probably just elder berry liqueur, again. Also explains the giggling. >_>

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

* Sometimes even better, since they’re often employed by dungeon masters to reinforce some point the party shouldn’t have missed in the first place. >_>

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