Schedule Conflict – Chapter 2, Strip 276

Well, even a mysterious silhouette needs a break every now and then, and what would be more relaxing to a mysterious silhouette than watching some silhouette theatre?

And every group of heroes needs a re-dedication moment every now and then, which can handily double as a reminder for the audience that there is some plot somewhere in the whole mess of a typical B-movie script. If the characters in question happen to be equipped with bladed weapons, it’s hard to resist the temptation to use a classical frame for such a moment – and between a pirate sword and a cane I felt it was close enough, and El Lightning just had to go along as well as he could. =P

Suspense-by-narrator is hardly anybody’s top choice, but it can work somewhat adequately, especially if the voice actor’s good – and if the timing isn’t off. For an example where it didn’t work that well, see “The Beast of Yucca Flats”. (If you really want to see it, that is…and can stand seeing it. Available on YouTube)

That’s it for today, a new voting incentive is up, and more on Monday.

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