Seasonal Treat – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 51

Since Mopey already got to demonstrate the usefulness of her magic shield earlier, today she gets to demonstrate her skill and speed instead, on one of the most iconic obstacles from Takeshi’s Castle. Sadly, she does fall a bit short. Also: down.

Gregory seems to suspect that the slight discrepancy between Mopey’s assessment of the challenge and the outcome might have something to do with her new character class, but I think the same thing might very well have happened to the old Mopey – for whom it might have been more challenging to begin with, giving her skirt-wearing habit.

But to make her downfall somewhat easier on her, I threw in a seasonal twist. After all, it’s September…everything is available in a pumpkin spice version, so why not the water in Takeshi’s various moats and defensive inundations? (Seriously, he’s got so many, I half suspect him to be from the Netherlands. Wouldn’t that be a twist – Lord Takeshi ultimately turning out to be nobody else than…Dr. Dutchman Fu? XD Naw….I’m tempted, but I’ll keep myself in check. At least here.)

And not only does the flavoring make Mopey’s travails more bearable, it also draws Biff into the affair, likely making Mopey feel a lot less stupid about sitting in the muck like that. (Not that she’d normally cotton to measuring her intelligence against Biff’s, but things have changed.)

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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