At Last, the Castle – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 52

Finally! The “skip-a-bit brothers” show up again to hurry up the narration. I was waiting for those guys.

The part of the plot they’ve saved us from is easily recapitulated: Our heroes continue to face a seemingly unending stream of silly games instead of real obstacles. And since they simply refuse to consider themselves eliminated when they fail at one of them, they overcome them all…until they finally stand below the towering walls of the proud fortress. Or, you know, a model of the proud fortress.

Which reminds me…do you also get the feeling those brothers might have left some lingering influence on the plot? Something seems… familiar. Just goes to show you shouldn’t hire previously owned monks, no matter how much cheaper they are. >_>

And, yeah, as far as I know the “real” Takeshi’s Castle was a fake, too – while it wasn’t a model as such, being full-scale, it was essentially just facades, no real interior. But at least it wasn’t a matte painting.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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