Laying the Groundwork For the Upcoming Musical – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 53

By now I’m pretty sure that those monks left some lingering influence distorting my plot. >_> I’m not going to hire those guys again!

Fortunately, the team doesn’t fall for it. They recognize that they have to press on, no matter how silly the place ahead is. They’ve been to so many silly places, after all, how bad can this one be?

Had they made the mistake of turning back at this moment, they would have been charged by a higher being with questing after some sort of drinking vessel. Which, at first glance, might not seem inappropriate for a fantasy story…but would have quickly gotten so. Just believe me. >_> I’m not even sure who of the team should have taken the part of Sir Robin…I’d see everyone of them raising some objection to that characterization.

But this fate has been averted, as our heroes correctly decide to carry on with their assault on Takeshi’s castle, which is now directly in reach. But how will Lord Takeshi react to this direct threat – does he have some real ace up his sleeve, or at least some final silly game to place between himself and his assailants? Find out on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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