The Mountain Rises Nobly – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 54

You can say what you want about Lord Takeshi, but…come to think of it, that might take you a while. OK, so you go ahead and say what you want about Lord Takeshi, and I’ll go and have a nice cup of tea in the meantime. I needed that, anyway.

OK, I’m back. Got it all off your chest?

So, yeah. You can say what you want about Lord Takeshi, and everything you just said about him is most likely true, but in this case he did certainly rise to the occasion. And he didn’t only rise up himself, he raised up everyone* around him – the hallmark of a great leader. Admittedly, other great leaders don’t need elaborate hydraulics to achieve that result, but still. Kudos where kudos are due.

Goes to show, of course, that it really pays to be prepared. Other lords would have stopped after placing their castle on top of a mountain, nice and proper…but Lord Takeshi thought ahead, and placed a second, secret mountain inside the original mountain – for use in an emergency. And while the original mountain was already nothing to sneer at, this backup mountain is much higher. Much, much higher. It’s definitely at least as high as Silhouette Mountain, perhaps even three times as high as Silhouette Mountain…if not actually three times as high as a mountain three times as high as Silhouette Mountain. It’s kinda hard to tell exactly from this perspective.

Our heroes can’t tell for sure, either. But they can tell that this new mountain is times infinity as high as their spirits, for those are at level 0 right now. ._.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

* With the obvious exception of his councilor, of course, whom he instead smashed down with extreme prejudice. But we’ve discussed that before, that’s essentially what that guy is there for.

2 Replies to “The Mountain Rises Nobly – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 54”

    1. It would be a shame not to reuse it. After all, just the thought of the original Silhouette Mountain is enough to still send shivers down the heroes’ spines. And much the same goes for long-time readers, I’m sure. XD

      Though, for the record, this is the first time I’ve represented the infamous landmark with a 3D-model – so it’s more of a recreation than a recycling.

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