Slightly Distorted Memories – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 64

Hmmm…I’m not entirely sure whether I can give DM higher grades for his delivery than for his entry…7.5/10 seems like the highest I can go for here, as well. >_>

I mean, he’s covering the bases pretty well…he starts with describing the realm’s mint condition before the Coming of Evil(tm). That’s pretty much exactly how you’re supposed to start this sort of thing off. But…the visuals he’s conjuring up aren’t perfectly in line with his words, likely due to the minor memory issues that tend to develop sometime after your 600th birthday (and look good you also won’t).

Looks matter, with this sort of visuals, so if his listeners are to understand that the realm was truly happy, he’ll have to remember the boy-king looking way better than either Joffrey or Patalliro. A good king needs to look good, at least in the context of a flashback. People need to be able to see he’s a good king, you can’t just hand out a stack of tax schedules, legislative proposals and economic reports in the middle of a flashback.

And, yeah…the quadforce of skill. I just thought skill would be an important complement to courage, power and wisdom. XD =P

And it’s true that time isn’t counted that far below the deepest delving of the dwarves…it’s just too dark for people to read their watches, I guess. ._. Quoting Gandalf is always a class move for a wizard providing exposition, so DM gets bonus points here. …but he botches the visuals again. He’s probably diagnosed his problem correctly himself…he’s just watching too much anime, that’s why he can’t help but think of supreme evil as being very kawaii. XD

I’ll help out by summarizing what DM was trying to convey:
– realm used to be happy under competent rulership of boy-king
– imagine boy-king to have looked better than either Joffrey or Patalliro. Ignore lack of democratic legitimization.
– Quad-force of skill: key magic item
– Gnawing evil is evil. Also: gnawing. Imagine to look lots less cute than remembered by DM. (What was he doing down there, anyway?)

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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