Spacebucks roasting on an open fire – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 14

And our friends blast off at the speed of light!

Well, not really at the speed of light, but definitely at a speed that is way beyond the technologically feasible, at this point in time: they’re past the Moon in 2 panels, and in panel 4 already pass through the atmosphere of Mars. But it’s the only reasonable thing, really…if I would have them go at anything near a realistic speed, I would have had to write pages and pages of boring dialogue, as our protagonist while away the endless hours in the confines of the space capsule.

From the surface of the red planet, they are being observed by a group of familiar figures. I’m afraid Akuns has gone a little mad from his experiences with the inhabitants of Earth, but that’s probably not too much of a problem: for a space tyrant, being mad is just something like an extra qualification. Unbeknownst to him, via the phonebook on his sidekick he has still facilitated Stan making a sale, despite all of his efforts to make his hardly-earned spacebucks find a much more dignified end in a campfire. Spacebucks roasting on an open fire – I could have made this a Christmas special, come to think of it.

More on Thursday.

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