Speedy get-away – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 28

With a fictional character’s uncanny ability to correctly interpret and draw wide-ranging conclusions from even the most convoluted circumstances – if and when the plot demands – Mopey delivers a comprehensive explanation for what Gregory was up to since he was last seen. Gregory elaborates majorly on that, and normaly there would have been an extensive flashback at this very point…but the flashback machine had some trouble parsing Gregory’s English. He has, admittedly, a strong Cephalian accent. Since eight panels of brains in close-up would have been bad for everybody’s appetite, I decided to forego the flashback completely.

In lieu of the flashback, I’m proudly presenting Comrade Uranin’s successful get-away, which would otherwise have been off-screen. With his long experience at villaining, Uranin was not hopelessly surprised that everything went wrong…that nagging doubt was there, in the back of his head, the whole time. You know – that awareness of that far-out. .1% probable chain of events that ends up happening 100% of the time, if you’re a villain.

And he’s not about to give up, yet…neither his huge fleet of spaceships nor his headquarters has exploded yet, so his hasty retreat is only a temporary set-back, and not a sequel hook.

More on Monday.

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