Sudden abolishment of the Death Penalty – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 27

Yeah, that parts/way pun in panel one sent another speech writer to the Uranian equivalent of Siberia. If he carries on at that pace, Comrade Uranin will soon have to actually write his own speeches, with the only upside being that the many writers in the Uranian equivalent of Siberia can take care of all of his cats there.

To the credit of that anonymous, and by now frost-bitten, writer, it should be pointed out that the speech refers to being a monologue, instead of going for the villainous stereotype of our little chat. That little bit of honesty already puts the speech in the top quarter of villain speeches. And I also like the bit about the Uranian equivalent of the Red Army being redder than the actual Red Army. (Little known fact: Soldiers of the Red Army on Earth didn’t actually have red faces. Well, apart from a little group that happened to walk in on Marshal Budyonny having a party…)

So, in total, I award this speech 1.5 out of 100 possible points. As I said, top quarter of villainous speeches. ._.

I hope Comrade Uranin also enjoyed his speech, since, absolutely inevitably, his plans start unravelling immediately after he had finished. It’s always that way.

More on Thursday.

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