Spoil(ing)s of Victory – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 85

Well, K’ip’s feelings of triumph were disappointingly short-lived, but at least he got to enjoy them for those few moments.

It was a hard road getting there, so he had well deserved that. Coming up with his highly effective plan is a major achievement, even if the execution played very much to the natural strengths of a feline creature – being needlessly irritating to people around them. But analyzing DM so deeply and accurately enabled K’ip to devise a tactic that was a whole lot more effective than if he just started pushing things of surfaces or perched down on DM’s keyboard as he was trying to work. >_> Although that was kind of his backup plan, and if he had done that long enough, it might have sufficed to drive DM into a similar state of rage…risking, however, that that rage would turn against K’ip rather than DM himself in the end.

More on the margins, I feel Si’ri also deserves a honourable mention for her acting achievements. No, her apparent confusion at K’ip’s actions in those last two strips wasn’t acting – she was legitimately baffled, since K’ip had no time or opportunity to inform her of his plan beforehand*. The acting achievement I wanted to point out is Si’ri reacting only with the ._. face when K’ip mentions his natural aptitude for being an annoyance. It must have taken Si’ri every fiber of self-control not to burst out laughing. After all, that particular talent was the very first thing she noticed about him, and it was a long, long time before she actually noticed anything else about him…

K’ip is right, of course, that DM would have expected them to rifle his corpse for valuables, since that’s pretty universal player behaviour. And perhaps he’d have taken some small comfort in the knowledge how much that private photo of his would spoil K’ip’s triumphant mood…it’s kind of too late now, but had he known in time, he might have made it a habit to equip all of his monsters with photographs of a personal nature, just to mess with his players.

More on Thursday.

* And let’s face it: He might not have done that even if he had had time and opportunity, just to mess with her. XD

4 Replies to “Spoil(ing)s of Victory – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 85”

  1. Oh come on K’ip, his beard doesn’t have a trace of white in that photo. And taking into fact that he’s a gnome, that’s probably over a hundred years ago (the event that’s depicted in the photograph, not the photograph itself; that is some HIGH-quality film if that photo is THAT old and not faded).

    1. Well, I wouldn’t rely to much on appearances, in that regard. You have no idea how quickly some parties of adventurers can make a DM age. Two or three sessions with that sort of party might have been all it took to turn DM’s hair white and cover his face in deep wrinkles. He might actually (have been) a pretty young gnome – just a severely tested one. XD

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