Woody – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 86

Naturally, the demise of DM doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no hindrances of any kind left in our heroes’ path to their ultimate goal.

Fortunately, they seem to be the riddlesome and quirky kind of hindrances, rather than the sword-and-fang-bearing kind. Adventuring parties tend to enjoy it if there is a little bit of variety in that regard.

I’m not going to comment on…well, on that. But I’d like to point out that everyone who’s got an opinion in this strip is kind of right – a rare instance of universal rectitude for this sort of party.

Biff is right that the Elder said that, for example, and Snuka is right that the Elder probably was confused…or purposefully withholding information. Elders like him are known to do that, every now and then, when dealing with some stubborn party which might otherwise not be willing to be led down their path toward destiny. When dealing with such a party, it can be very useful to fudge a view numbers, for example. You know, the exact geographical distance to the Land of Shadows, the precise number of the Dark Armies’ battalions, the number of the level of hell to which the demon you’re about to face likes to drag his victims down to. That sort of thing.

Mopey, meanwhile, is right…that that is the question.

And the Professorian is just right all the way…which he hasn’t been in a while, actually, although it used to be quite common back in the day. I guess he’s actually still rather smart on some level, but probably only where practical matters are concerned…and as long as it doesn’t involve any math of any kind. Math is just incompatible with barbarian status, but a certain shrewdness in practical matters isn’t totally out of bounds.

More on Monday.

4 Replies to “Woody – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 86”

    1. Quite possible…I try to keep style somewhat consistent during a chapter, but it’s not always easy. There were some 19 months between the moment I drew this strip and the moment I drew the first strip of the chapter, and outside of my BMC work my style did develop over that period – so when I’m not careful, such things might slip in. ^_^;

    1. XD I guess you could argue on that one either way…but the thing is, the Professorian wasn’t really keen on getting to draw a lot, so he naturally gravitated toward the line of argument that got him out of having to. =P

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