The Fountain of Hope – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 87

I dunno, what did they expect a “fountain of Hope” to look like? Hope exists as an abstract concept, but what would that look like as a fountain?

No, the fountain required one of the non-abstract, non-metaphorical interpretations of the Hope…preferably one that wouldn’t mind standing around for centuries, or millennia*, waiting for a group of adventurers to come by to water some seed. The waiting being made worse by the tendency of such groups of adventurers to be delayed by endless side-quests, losing their way without the help of random locals or getting eaten by giant spiders. I felt that Hope Estheim was the obvious choice…he tends to get himself into that sort of situation at the best of times.

I guess the party is, somehow, feeling a little bit of the weight of those aeons weighing down on them at the sight…and, perhaps…somewhere deep down they now regret all those times they allowed themselves to be delayed by endless side-quests, lose their way without the help of random locals or get eaten by giant spiders (that last one took place off-screen, and they got better (eventually)).

Anyway, while the party’s spirits aren’t quite as buoyed by the sight of the fountain as they expected them to be, the fact remains that the party has made it to the Fountain of Hope – if nothing else, choosing this particular Hope makes the identity of the fountain quite unmistakable.

It seems the triumphant conclusion of their quest is only heartbeats away…but will that hold true? Find out on Thursday.

* Some say it might even have been since the days the oceans drank Atlantis.

2 Replies to “The Fountain of Hope – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 87”

  1. So basically, it’s called fountain of Hope because it’s shaped as some person named Hope

    1. Well, more like it is made from a person named Hope – Hope Estheim from Final Fantasy XIII, to be precise. He has a tendency to get into situations like that.

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