Sproing, sproing – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 30

With his new theory sufficiently undergirded by not one, but two full anecdotes, the Professor does not hesitate to start with the practical application. The approach is pragmatic: they tackle all of the walls between the cell block and the entrance one by one. And without having fully analyzed the incoming results, the Professor is still confident to call the experiment a success even at this early stage.

The one thing remaining to do is conducting a study of the long-term effects of the new method, especially on the person being used as a wall-penetrator. There could be serious health consequences, if it’s only Biff. But the Professor thinks that that long-term study should be performed by a different team. Not only because of higher objectivity, but also because of lower liability. He’s been in some trouble for using up students in experiments in the past, so he’s become more careful in that regard. Fortunately, Biff is the only concern of that sort – there is no reason to worry about Busty’s projection equipment. It’s high grade plastic, guaranteed to withstand 150.000 compression events without degradation. Physical degradation, at least.

More on Thursday.

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