Explosive decompression – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 29

Yeah, Busty can not only drive a guy up a wall…she can actually drive one through a wall, as well. The laws of elasticity take no prisoners.

The Professor, of course, is happy – not only because they’ve actually managed to locate Busty, which, technically speaking, was the reason for their trip to Uranus, but because he’s now sure they’ll be able to make their escape. Once Biff had demonstrated his unique ability to melt through a solid concret wall, the Professor had started to consider that a possible route out of their predicament. But a single anecdote just isn’t proof that it would work! Now he has two anecdotes, however, and that’s plenty. Admittedly, the two anecdotes are not entirely equivalent, but if you generalize a bit and look for a larger pattern, they can be made to fit the Professors new theory. Now he only needs an elegant mathematic expression for his theory, he is currently thinking of going along the lines of a simple “Biff > walls”.

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