Holy hole, Batman! – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 28

Faced with the threat of impeding execution, each of our friends faces the situation in their own way. The Professor, whose organized mind does not fear death, is concentrating on finding the way out. He knows there must be one, since he’s been in exactly the same situation dozens of times throughout his life, and there always has been some way out. Usually a cliche one, but sometimes a hare-brained one, as well.

Snuka is depressed by the turn of events. It’s not that he minds being executed as such – he has kinda always expected to end that way, he practically considers it a “death from natural causes”. But that, of course, only goes for being executed for a crime, preferrably a very spectacular and highly profitable one. Being unjustly executed for undertaking a rescue mission is another thing, though. That’s definitely not the way he wanted to go, with no loot or even a “Wanted” poster to show for it, no mugshot that could make it into a museum exhibit on famous criminals. Being executed by an authoritarian regime for political crimes is kinda artless.

Mopey, of course, supports the idea of death on the general principle of the matter, and is consequently quite happy with how things have turned out.

Biff, meanwhile, feels guilty for getting everyone into this mess. He doesn’t know what he did, specifically, but that wouldn’t be the first time. He knows that everyone is blaming him, and he knows that they’re usually right when they do that. Fortunately, Biff’s concentrated contemplation of the problem provides the way out – his stupid becoming dense enough to melt through the wall he was leaning against. For the rest, blame shoddy uranialist workmanship.

More on Thursday.

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