Stack Overflow Error – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 55

Clean up on aisle everywhere, we’ve got a heart spill… a massive heart spill. Seems like Mopey’s issue from the last strip has become externalized. While still growing, from the sights of it.

Boy, do I hate it when people are so inconsiderate and spill their hearts out all over the place in a completely indiscriminate fashion. No thoughts at all for the people who’ll have to deal with the mess later. >_> It mostly happens on Valentine’s Day, though, so here it’s off-schedule on top of everything else. And then some people still feel that overflowing love is a good thing…

The massive enemy presence also doesn’t seem to enjoy the experience, despite finally having Mopey off his back…although, at least for the time being, he seems more irritated or annoyed than seriously affected. But then, it’s too early in the process to pass judgement on that – there is an obligatory minimum extent to which such a transformative moment must be allowed to play out, so I’m afraid the results won’t begin to take shape until Monday…

8 Replies to “Stack Overflow Error – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 55”

  1. I admit I am a bit confused by the lack of Mopey bits in the first panel.
    Is she returning to the outside world and some bits still lack behind? Or is she literally bursting into hearts?

    1. The idea, on my part, was that her body would have remained in the physical world all along – and now it’s basically dissolving, as the first step in a transformation process into an altered form. But, yeah, the way I depicted this is far too far from unambiguous. ^_^;

    1. Yeah, that’s an age-old trend in fiction: the way that love changes people is heavily romanticized. In reality, love only changes people into a slightly stupider, more awkward and frequently embarrassing form of themselves, but in fiction the alterations tend towards the glorious. XD

  2. Whooo boy. Mopey looks kinda… dissolving in the first panel there.

    I’m excited to see where this goes.

    1. Yeah, it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to the old Mopey…who wasn’t actually that old, having only been around in this form since the start of the chapter. XD

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