Suddenly Jiggely – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 46

Well, the Queen’s background is still somewhat ill-defined, so there wasn’t really any ‘natural’ nemesis for her. Aside from Nyarlathotep itself, of course, but that would haven been circular reasoning at the least, and a time/space paradox at worst.

Given how genre-savvy she is, however, it’s safe to assume that she’s eyed all of those tentacles that have already shown up in the plot with a certain amount of suspicion. There’s this thing, you know, about tentacles in anime…and it applies in particular to female characters. Particularly female characters of the “damsel in distress” type. And female persons of royal ancestry have a considerably higher probability to fall into this group than average females (or male royals).

And the Queen knows that, of course, although I won’t go as far as to imply she knows because she’s seen enough hentai.* Which is probably the reason that she’s been trying so hard not to appear as a damsel in distress at any juncture, up to now. But the changes in her dress and in her running posture do not bode well, in that regard.

So, yeah, her nemesis are anime stereotypes. More specifically:

More on Monday.

*Not that I would put that beyond her, on the other hand. And…well, the twins aren’t very discreet**, anyway…

**They’re barely even discrete.

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