Twice removed – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 45

Well, Gregory isn’t the only one who can face an existential crisis as their ultimate nemesis – the twins can do it, too. And individually, even. In fact, if it weren’t individually, it wouldn’t be an existential crisis for them.

But while there wasn’t much other choice for Gregory’s nemesis, there were a number of alternatives available to me in the twins’ case. Most of which would have been funnier, obviously, but…yeah. Plain decency, erectile dysfunction, heterosexuality, the Catholic Church, any number of STDs…all of these could have served very well as a potential nemesis for the two. But ultimately, I just didn’t want and didn’t dare go there…aside from the fact that some of these are pretty hard to translate into a visual medium.

Another alternative nemesis would have been a horde of twincest fangirls ambushing them…but I guess that would have been even worse than loneliness for them? Plus, it would have been a lot more effort to draw. =P

So, yeah, they are facing a dire crisis, and they have to face it alone. Which is beyond terrible for anime/manga twins…while, as I’ve been told, real-life twins would consider something like that more of a “well-deserved break from having that other idiot around”. >_> But we aren’t dealing with real life here, so the twins are suitable distressed by not having their respective other idiot around. Possibly for the first time ever, since we really aren’t dealing with reality here – in the context of fiction the fact that they’ve never before been apart while on-screen can be assumed to mean they’ve never ever before been apart for even a moment all of their lives*. Things that are off-screen don’t exist, after all.

More on Thursday.

*Which legitimately should make them experience this as even more of a vacation, but doesn’t because of fiction. I don’t know why I have such a hard time setting aside reality today…usually, that’s pretty easy for me…

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