Thanksgiving Special 2009 – Chapter 2, Strip 404

* * * H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G * * *
* * * E V E R Y O N E ! * * *

How embarrassing – Snuka has cut up the panel, now everyone can see the delicate inner workings of my webcomic. :} (Or rather, everyone can see the rusty old gears behind it.)

The Professor’s quite happy his calculations worked out right, this time. A couple of years ago, the turkey was only done when the reactor was already in complete, irredeemable meltdown. Dean Martin got a little bit angry, back then – parents really don’t like when their kids lose any body parts while being at college, but strangely enough they also don’t like when they gain any. Not even when a second head results in markedly better grades. ._.

Snuka, on his part, was happy there finally was a suitable task for his anime blade/cursed Hello Kitty letter opener. ( Remember? ) Usually, he’s frustrated at that thing being considerably less generally applicable as fiction had led him to believe. And, one of these days, he’ll learn to master the art of using it without causing too much collateral damage. Patience, grasshopper.

To round out the crew, Biff was happy at getting something to eat, and Mopey was ha…uh…Mopey.

More on Monday.

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