The Big Reveal! – Chapter 2, Strip 234

Well, I guess it doesn’t really come as much of a surprise that these two guys are behind it all, does it? After all, I stuck to a hallowed B-movie tradition and arbitrarily revealed their existence to the audience long before any of the characters could have as much as speculated on it…

And it’s probably not much more of a surprise that one of those two guys was actually that other guy, the one who caused a bit of confusion around Snuka a while ago, by merit of looking rather similar. On top of that, it’s likely not even very unexpected that that guy habitually wears a fake beard, when not trying to impersonate Snuka – after all, that’s just what evil twins do. (And even the choice of beard is unsurprising – the Fu Manchu style is simply the way to go for space alien royalty.) Let me add that that guys name also is exactly what you’d expect it to be, so I probably don’t even need to spell it out.

So is there a big reveal at all, today? Yup, there sure is! For we’ve revealed, world excusively, what happened to Cats after the end of Zero Wing! After triggering the escape pod at the end of the final battle, he apparently got throw back through time from the year 2101 to the present. Here (or rather, now) he found out to his surprise that he was already well known and much beloved throughout the world for his unique communication skills, and decided to parse that reputation into a lucrative position as corporate communications consultant. If you have wondered about the steep increase in oddly worded drivel, devoid of content, emanating from the business world of lately, wonder no longer. (Explains a lot, doesn’t it?)

Not enough of a reveal, yet? OK, I’ll put another one on top – I’ll reveal the secret of General Klytoris’ mask! You see, Klytoris was in a terrible accident a couple of years ago which left his face….completely undisfigured. (His brand new car got wrecked, though) Yup, there’s nothing at all wrong with his face – but, honestly, if you were named “Klytoris” would you want to ever show your face in public?

One more remark, perhaps, regarding another B-movie tradition, upheld in panel one: villains in the process of conquering any planet will always make use of a large viewscreen, showing the whole planet from a huge distance. I have no idea what kind of useful information they hope to get from looking at the planet at a scale too large to make just about anything out…are they afraid the planet’s defenders could try and sneakily move their continents out of the way of the invading space fleet, if they don’t look out for that?

That’s it for the big reveal, more on Monday. Today’s new voting incentive features the one, the only, Sesshoumaru.

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