The mysterious Silhouette! – Chapter 2, Strip 235

To replenish the cast’s ranks after the recent thinning, we proudly introduce yet another new character. In keeping with tradition, that introduction happens in the form of select partial shots and a shadowy silhouette only, to pointlessly keep the character’s identity a “secret” just a little while longer.

This method is pretty common in B-movie land, and features the ‘mysterious’ new arrival either as a silhouette outlined against a bright background, or partially/fully hidden in shadows. It comes in three main forms:

– The audience has already seen the character before, in a different setting. In this case, the audience will usually recognize the character right away, despite all flimsy attempts at hiding indentity – using such obvious clues as voice, clothing, size and build, mannerisms, etc. In short: usually just doesn’t work.

– The audience has no idea who the character is. Naturally, the audience has no way of recognizing the character, in this case – and that makes it rather senseless to try and obscure the character’s identity in the first place, doesn’t it? In short: works, but makes no sense, save as a cheap trick to create fake suspension.

– the audience has not seen the character before, but the new character’s identity is obscured to lead them to believe it might be one of the established characters. In short: the cop-out.

This should sufficiently explain the shadowy silhouette, I hope…now, as far as the fish is concerned, the explanation is…uh. Well, see… it’s… like that…. uh Well, on the one hand I was thinking about a way to make individual zombies more recognizable to readers, and thought about making them wear carp streamers in different colours on their heads…then, on the other hand, I just had had a discussion, in a different context, regarding the pros and cons of glueing fish to actors. So then I decided I could just have them wear real fish on their heads. See? It’s perfectly logical.

uh…Look! There’sanewvotingincentiveupandmoreonthursday! *hides*

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