The Wonderful Wizard of Prof. – Chapter 2, Strip 236

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law states that:“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” From which I derive the following by-law: “Any scientist sufficiently advanced in age is indistinguishable from a magician.” As proof I offer the fact that, some days, Professor Dr. himself isn’t sure whether he’s Gandalf or not. (Neither am I.) Shonen-Ai Kudasai’s Maria and Michelle have been on to him for a long time, in that regard, which gives me the perfect opportunity to re-run this fanart of theirs:


But the Professor is perfectly rational and scientific when it comes to the observation he makes in panel two. It is far from unheard of that villains save their most powerful weapons for last – in fact, it’s almost a rule. Often they send out their weakest minions at first, followed by little group after little group of gradually tougher opponents – only to later see even their vaunted champions fall to a group of heroes that was allowed to grow strong on a diet of common goblins. Hardly any villain ever seems to realize how much more effective it would be to crush their opponents in the infincany of their quest with overwhelming force, rather than fritter their strength away… I think it all comes down to a wrong choice of German philosophers – most villains seem to know Nietzsche by heart, when they would have been much better off paying more attention to their Clausewitz…

But will the Professor be able to overcome his demonic opponent, or will his fate parallel that of his literary predecessor? Tune in on Monday! (In the meantime, a new voting incentive is also up.)

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