The Boatswain Would Likely Object – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 2

And the new act continues with the re-introduction of the other protagonist from this thread of the story: the En’ilef hero, K’ip. Who has done some growing up, obviously, in the meantime.

With regards to that, you’ve got to take Si’ri’s statement, that that took a long time, with a piece of salt. I’ve got no definite idea of the timeframe involved, but I’d say K’ip definitely grew up much faster than you’d expect, because it’s always that way with kittens. Aside from gaining stature, and probably a metric s**tton of vaguely useful arts-and-crafts skills, K’ip also gained the power of speech. Or had he always had it, and just wasn’t ever explicitly shown using it? That is a mystery only Nintendo could answer, since it’s something that K’ip inherited, as so much else, from his idol Link. =P The fact remains that K’ip is a much taller, much more speaky K’ip now, and to aid in exposition, Si’ri gracefully acts like those facts surprise her – even if they logically shouldn’t, since she was there while all of that happened. Oh, well…

Speaking of exposition, the gentleman engaged in mending a sail didn’t really provide any. As K’ip observed, his statements are there for flavor only, and don’t contain any information – or at least no decipherable information. It’s one of the little problems with a nautical setting – speaking comprehensibly just isn’t part of the ideal image of the salty sea-dog. But it’s kind of okay, since conveying accurate nautical information would only be counter-productive to begin with: large parts of the audience wouldn’t know what to do with it, anyway, while it would, at the same time, restrict your writing freedom in numerous inconvenient ways. Set before that background, Mr. Able Seaman did a great job – he essentially said “We’ll get there when we’ll get there“, but shrouded in a sizeable cloud of authentic sea-faring gibberish. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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