…While This Journey Has Been Going On For a While – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 1

And thus the curtain rises on Act 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people saw that coming, given how Act 2 ended last week. >_>

We start off with a location shift, helpfully illustrated with my pseudo-Tolkien map, and a reveal/introduction. And, in the spirit of “everything old is new again”, our newly introduced character is actually not all that new, but rather quite familiar. Yes, indeed – the (restful) break in the use of MS Comic sans in this strip is, sadly, over: Si’ri and her voice are back.

The sanitary conditions involved in sea travel in the Middle Ages were far beyond appalling*…but that’s usually glossed over in fantasy games, movies and TV shows…and the jury’s out on the question of whether the fantasy books that do delve into things like that are really profiting much from it. So I think I’ll go with the default gloss-over mode, and ignore the issue beyond this little shout-out from Si’ri. >_>

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

*Not that they were much better for land travel. Or for not-travel.

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    1. That’s true, but on the other hand they had to live in extremely cramped quarters for weeks or months on end…when ships returned to harbor after a long voyage, they could sometimes be smelled before they could be seen. XD

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