The Deepest Secret. – Chapter 2, Strip 267

Aw shucks! I was positive I had hidden that secret so well that nobody would ever be able to find it, not even by pure coincidence! I guess I shouldn’t have put that info into the strategy guide, but I really didn’t think anybody would ever buy that in the first place – I mean, who pays $ 29,95 for a strategy guide to a non-interactive webcomic? Well, one of the characters, obviously – that was clever of you, Professor, devilishly clever…

Will the secret upgrade turn out to be the ulitmate game-breaker, or just one of those cool-but-ultimately-useless prestige items? Find out Thursday, in our next thrilling episode! =P (Or buy the strategy guide.)

In case anybody gets a weird feeling of deja v? from this strip, like it was something he had already experienced in a video game at one time…uh, mere coincidence. Really.

(New voting incentive is up, as well.)

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