The end meets the beginning – Chap. 3, Act 4, Strip 81

The honor of doing the ending narration naturally falls to the Professor, simply because he sounds more like Sir Richard Attenborough than any of the others. It’s a simple rule, really.

Another simple rule requires that the ending narration has to be connected to the introduction in some way, completing a circle of sorts. That really adds inches in depth to the whole script. Remember: Anything can be interpreted as a sophisticated parable for human existence if it just kinda ends the same way it started, or similar, or whatever. It’s like the story of the Buddhist, the bottle, the kitten and the juicer.

Anyway, rules are rules, so here’s my comment for the first strip of the chapter again:

“And thus the new chapter is finally off the ground, as Nolan Noebucks starts on his newest, hillariously doomed, cinematographic venture: “20,ooo Leeks Below the Surface of the Ocean”. A movie about…well, he didn’t really get around to foreshadow it properly. Water, I’d assume. And vegetables, obviously.

The text for this introductory narration isn’t by me – it’s taken from the beginning of “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. I felt it had just the right mixture of pretentiousness and pseudo-science, with a little dash of pseudo-spirituality on top. A classic. Speaking of pseudo-science, I always particularly enjoyed the depiction of the Big Bang in that intro: formless fog wafting around, then suddenly: Bang! I mean, I realize that the depicting the Big Bang must be a challenge, but this rather literal approach has a certain George-Geekish like charm to it.”

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