Unbury my heart – Chap. 3, Act 4, Strip 80

There’s a loose thread that still needs sorting out, and that’s Mopey’s shaken-up love-life. Fortunately, she’s pretty resillent in that regard, as well as pragmatic, and it’s not like she had been unattached when she met Sephy – on the contrary, her then-boyfriend needed to be run over by the plot (and a car) to free her up. Since Gregory’s death happened off-screen, and was already something of a repeat performance, there’s nothing speaking against exhuming that particular relationship…at least not from Mopey’s point of view, who has fewer qualms about dating the undead than many others.

Speaking of undead people, Biff returns as a force ghost! I guess he got the ability to do that…uh…by standing next to Snuka a lot. Doesn’t really matter – in a B-movie, you only have to half-explain that kind of thing the first time it happens, from then on it’s considered granted.

More on Monday.

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