The first, the first and the first – Chap. 4, Act 3, Strip 14

The Professor and his (as of yet unseen) allies made every effort to improve the security of their base. After determining that the effectiveness of each successive line of defense after the first decreases dramatically, the base was not given a first, second and third line of defense, but three successive first lines instead. Pulling of something like three successive first involved some high-level mathematical tricks that only somebody like the Professor can do with a straight face.

The first line after the first line after the first line of defense (which would be called the third line of defense if it wasn’t the first) involves a tunnel entrance with some rather obvious signs pointing out that it leads to the secret base. This setup should normally not function as a defense, but the Professor could not simply ingnore how well it worked for Captain Emo in the last chapter – so he had these features incorporated into the defenses of the Repell base on a provisional basis, while he’s still working on a scientific theory to explain how this is actually supposed to work. He’s currently researching into two main lines of inquiry – it’s either something about the human mind and the obvious, or something about bad script writing.

More on Monday.

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