The Great White Vocaloid – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 13

To mark the end of the year, I offer a mixture of drama and humor…and a bit of kawaii on the side.

As is traditional by now, Biff accidentally sets off some fireworks on this day. I have the feeling that that’s established enough to allow me to completely skip the specifics. Where was that stack of explosives, why was it there, and how did Biff cause the accident? I don’t know, but it’s still entirely unsurprising that it was there and that Biff did that. He’s reliable, at least in that respect. As an aside, this incident also proves that his proneness to accidentally set off fireworks has nothing to do with her gender at any given point in time.

As a side effect, the incident does demonstrate that K’ip and Si’ri are quite close to Biff and his comrades, at this point in the story. Well, at least that they have considerably less than a full continent between them.

For the dramatic part, our nameless sea-dog receives a worthy – nay, classic! – send-off. Blinded by rage and resentment, he struggles with great determination, but little chance of success, against the inhuman menace from the deep. The outcome is inevitable…and then, just like the soothsayer on the pier prophesied on the eve of the voyage, he bids the others to follow him beyond the veil. And all but two do so. Which isn’t a lot of people, since K’ip and Si’ri are the only ones around to begin with. (And K’ip, specifically, wouldn’t go on another nautical expedition for any amount of kibble in the world.)

The kawaii part is handled by Tako Luka, of course, since she couldn’t help it, anyway. She isn’t white, she isn’t a whale, she doesn’t have beady, evil eyes or a deformed maw. She’s just gotta work with what she’s got.

More next year.

2 Replies to “The Great White Vocaloid – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 13”

  1. I forgot we were out of flashback-mode and had assumed the fireworks display was the result of what brought down Takeshi’s Castle:
    Could still technically work as there is an unspecified time-skip right after that adventure and K’ip’s adventure is taking place at an unspecified moment relative to that adventure. Also RPG chronology has a shaky foundation at best given days and nights pass in seconds at semi-random intervals (the peasantry having to plan their days around when an adventuring group will decide to stay at an inn).

    And of course, the Professor thinking it was the wrong date and needing to justify, being just another indication of his continuing slippage from full-Professor to Barbaressor; that’s how multiclassing gets ya.

    1. Yeah, the flow of time seems to be a bit erratic in most computer RPGs – the most frequent and obvious symptom of that being the fact that impending doom always has the courtesy to wait for you to finish any number of side-quests and random meanderings before it actually moves closer. I distinctly remember that one of the Breath of Fire games sent you onto some nail-biting pursuit…but didn’t penalize you for taking a break to play the fishing mini-game in between. XD

      And, naturally, the timeline in my plot is vaguer and less coherent than most. XD That being said, later events are going to show that some considerable, if indistinct, amount of time would have to have passed between the victory at Takeshi’s Castle and this fireworks moment.

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