The highpoint of Uranus – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 21

I don’t know why Biff is even surprised that the Uranian nazibunkers look just like the Terran ones. After all, they’ve fought Adolf Uranitler a few miles down the mountain, he was in the midst of all the other videogame cameos – since he appeared in Castle Uranolfenstein. Oh wait, come to think of it, I do know why Biff is surprised – he’s a moron. I forgot all about that for a moment.

As far as breaking through the bunker entrance is concerned, the Professor suggest a classic – the “laser”. He also introduces that new-fangled device in the classical manner, as wrong as it is, and as unecessary as that is by now. Because you just don’t mess with the classics.

Concerning the thing with the faculty credit card and the charges Snuka put on it, I won’t go into any details. It’s bad enough that the Professor and the Dean now know his deepest desires, he doesn’t need the whole world knowing it. Especially that one thing, that’s really somewhat…well, how to put it…really somewhat…


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