Uranink is worth 10 ACE – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 20

Hey look, it’s Uranink, the protagonist of the “Legend of Uranilda” videogames for the Uranintendo systems! A first, fascinating look at the strange and foreing world of Alien videogames, which are, naturally, completely different from anything we would or could imagine. >_>

Good thing Mopey had her gotherang handy. It’s almost like a batarang, but more depressing. They achieve that by injecting Zubat DNA. The other good thing was that Uranink was in one of his smaller incarnation. Occassionally, the guy’s much larger and older.

After a long, hard struggle with my baser instincts, I’ve decided that this one single cameo should be enough to illustrate our friends’ long, hard slog up the mountain which is so much higher than Silhouette mountain. They probably encountered and neutralized upwards of 240 other alien variants of popular movie and videogame characters before making it to the top, but I will spare you.

More on Thursday.

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