The Imp Prince Has Risen! – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 42

And another one bites the dust, as far as transformation sequences are concerned…and that other one was Snuka. And that dust in question was pixie dust, from the looks of it. >_>

At least Snuka can say he hasn’t been humiliated by his transformation in the same way the others have been…he’s been humiliated in a completely different way. I’m sure he must feel quite special now, if only especially humiliated.
But, to tell the truth, I felt I had to do something different with him – just putting him into a frilly androgynous outfit would just not have cut it, in his case. After all, he’s already been shown cross-dressing on several earlier occasions. And in both directions, even! Not a lot of fictional characters have earned that badge.
With that in mind, and picking up on some recent trends in the magical-girl genre, I went with this impish outfit instead, which should perfectly fit him in ways beyond the merely physical. >_>

As for Latho’s conclusion/prediction, it might be on to something…but perhaps its species is as prone to pattern-seeking behavior as the human species, and it’s extrapolating from what’s still really too little data here. XD

More on Thursday.

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  1. Now I remember why the end of the first part of his transformation felt familiar. D. Frontier called.
    And I guess it could have been worse than an impmon onesie. At least he can hope for an evolution that make im look cooler. At least better from his personal view than other magical girl second stage transformations, which usually have way more skin or frills. He might be denied the bike,though, on accounts of lacking a legit license.

    1. Yeah, there’s a certain ‘larval stage’ vibe to the Impmon style, which much befits Snuka’s levels of as-of-yet-unrealized potential – and he can indeed hope for a cooler and more evil second form, since additional frills or lace are pretty unlikely. As for the bike, it’s 50/50: he has a license, just not a legit one. His track record of getting it accepted by law enforcement officers is spotty, but not hopeless. XD

    1. I was afraid he’d take that straight to the next pawnshop, so I cut out the middleman: I left the scepter off this design and put an extra $50 in the internal pocket.

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