The Pink Prince Has Risen! (No Word on the Pink Panther yet) – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 41

Well, as I said, Latho has a large amount of hard-earned expertise in assessing magical girl transformations, and here that shows again in some insightful, yet concise analysis of Gregory’s transformation.

Apparently, the goth was not strong enough with him, and he seems to have absorbed Mopey’s share of the pink in addition to any amount that was aimed at him in the first place. Or was that a conscious sacrifice on his part? Hard to say, I don’t want to rule anything out. One thing is for sure, though – as soon as Mopey catches a first glance at his transformation, her level of satisfaction with the lack of pink in her outfit is going to go through the roof. And not even the fact that his wings look much more functional than hers is going to change that fact – not as long as they look functional in such a distinctly pink way.

Gregory’s own thoughts on the matter are somewhat harder to guess – but, at least outwardly, he doesn’t really appear to be crushed by this particular turn of events. It might ultimately come down to personal perspective based on experience – if your personal baseline for character change is defined by having been a rotting, brain-eating zombie at one point in time, the scope of character changes you deem acceptable is probably just naturally a lot wider than it is for people without that sort of experience under their belt.

Welp, still. Pink.

More on Monday.

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