The Pink …uh.. Black(?!) Princess Has Risen! – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 40

Phew, I made it, if barely. I’ve managed to get Mopey’s transformation sequence done without having to break open another fresh strip – that would have been embarrassing.

As I said, there sadly was no way around dealing with the matter in such an extensive fashion – but I still hope that you’ll feel it was worthwhile on some level. In that regard I’m heartened by Latho’s reaction – it’s really a creature with a wealth of experience in standing around and watching people transform into magical girls, so if Latho shows this kind of enthusiasm, that’s quite an endorsement. Even if it tends to be somewhat easily to enthuse, which comes with the territory when you’re smol, pink and fluffy.

What Mopey feels about it is anyone’s guess…but an educated guess would start with the fact that her outfit is primarily black and quickly proceed to the idea that Mopey must feel that all of this turned out much better, and less pink, than she was led to anxiously anticipate. Plus, she seems to have wings, or something along those lines! She’s always wanted some of those, or at the very least one – that latter wish probably being a side-effect of having dated Sephiroth for a while, some long while back.

Worthwhile or not, just for your reassurance let me affirm again that I’ll never re-use this transformations sequence in its entire length. XD

More on Thursday.

6 Replies to “The Pink …uh.. Black(?!) Princess Has Risen! – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 40”

  1. Well Mopey IS striking a pose so begrudgingly or not, she seems at least satisfied with the outcome all things being considered.

    Also, the special effects lately have been REALLY impressive. Reminds of the summoning of the dark one (or whatever it was called) from the last movie. Did Nolan actually hire a special effects guy or did he take a course or something?

    1. She certainly has reason to be satisfied with the outcome – but I think she’d have struck a pose in any case. She’s just that much of a pro, by now, that that would happen instinctively. XD

      That’s kinda true – I think I might have gotten carried away with all of the features available in my new graphics suite and just forgotten to keep the low virtual budget in mind…

      1. Clearly, Nolan was able to film this by virtue of using the entire film’s budget on these scenes.

        Considering what we know about his budgets already, never a good sign.

        1. Definitely not a good sign, especially this early in the movie. He should definitely try to keep some of his powder dry, and more importantly just keep some around, for the big finale, or he’ll have to pull off the big bang with a close-up of a firecracker. Again. XD

  2. I just as thought about something. What is the villain doing right now, now that all combat members are in transformation? Following the usual fashion of just watching and waiting? Maybe even snatched some popcorn out of the ruins? Or has Latho a meat tank coming for him?

    1. Naw, Latho is safe, at least until it gets its feature episode. XD But the question is fair: why is it that villains never avail themselves of the opportunity to preemptively strike the heroes when they’re occupied by their transformation. The two most common answers I’ve heard is that it’s either a case of some unwritten piece of chivalric code being active…or the villains just being irritated beyond distraction by all of the flashes, whirls, swiffels and stroboscopic effects. The latter explanation having the added advantage that it would actually supply a level of justification for the presence of these effects! XD

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