Rising Still on the Rise – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 39

Well, how else would Mopey be aware of developments in the magical-girl-genre, unless some friend would had told her about it? I hope you’re not trying to imply she would, herself, have any sort of even the faintest interest in that sort of fare! At the very least, I hope you’re smart enough not to imply that in her presence – unless your reflexes are sharp and your land speed approaches that of a gepard.

That person in a trenchcoat, shades and a wide-brimmed hat, who sometimes hangs out at the very back at screenings by the university’s anime club definitely isn’t Mopey, and I don’t know what even gave you that preposterous idea. >_> And the indisputable fact that Mopey has an alleged friend who is into magical-girl-anime just shows how incredibly tolerant she is, and nothing else. >_>

Other than that, I can only fully agree with Mopey’s observations: This transformation is a lot less pink-colored than her earlier one, but it’s definitely longer…I couldn’t even get it all crammed into one strip, I’m sorry. ^_^; They really have been getting longer all across the whole of the genre and its direct neighbors, though. And this is a first transformation, so cannot be shortened, let alone omitted. One of the iron rules, completely out of my hand. But I swear I’ll start shortening/skipping as soon as admissible, as strong as the temptation might be to recycle this sequence over and over again to save me work. XD

More on Monday.

4 Replies to “Rising Still on the Rise – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 39”

  1. So Mopey starts dressing up first and in a fancy matter. Guess the guys are up next ’cause they have only done the undressing part of their transformations so far.

    About Mopey and knowledge about magical girls: There have been so many dark/deconstruction versions of that genre in the past years that she could claim to be specifically interested in the darker subgenres – or just likes to see magical girls suffer after her own experience. Plus she is a scientist so she can always claim she was looking for reference material – “for science” of course – and that a good survey should always include all groups.

    1. Yeah, there’s a couple of lines of engagement she could follow to create some sort of pretext for her suspiciously deep knowledge of magical-girl-anime. But that helps her only part of the way, because she already considers it embarrassing that she’s able to bear watching it, regardless of the reason. XD

    1. I think it would require more lace to fully qualify as Gothic-Lolita-style, and lace is too hard to draw all the time. XD But it’s that basic idea, at the very least.

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