The Little Giant Mega-X That Almost Could – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 56

Well, could there be a better way to illustrate the true height of Silhouette Mountain than showing that Mega-X has still not made it to the top, after getting started on that near the end of Chapter 2?

And I don’t mean that you could calculate the height of the mountain from the time passed and the average speed of Mega-X (which isn’t even established). It’s deeper and more symbolic like that. The endless upward crawl of Mega-X clearly demonstrates that all incarnations of Silhouette Mountain, on all planets and in all eras, are in fact the same mountain…giving it a certain height, three times that height and nine times that height at the same time – because Silhouette Mountain is not a mountain. It is a state of mind. O_O;

Its height is not a physical dimension, it’s a psychological constant: it is too high. Depending on what you consider climbable, the incarnation of the mountain that you or your group encounters might be larger or smaller – the constant is just that it’s too f**king high to be scaled in anything like an acceptable amount of time!

Of course, Mopey is not aware of this reality, although she might have a hunch. But it doesn’t matter, since she approaches the problem from the other side – the mountain is too high, physically, psychologically, or in any way it prefers, and that makes trying to climb it impossible, also physically, psychologically, and so on.

But what can they do?

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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