The Other Three Horsemen Of The Alpacalypse – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 75

And thus the Alpacalypse ends surprisingly soon after it began, thanks to the remaining three Horsemen of the Alpacalypse showing up.

In case you can’t follow my math, newstyle!Mopey counts as one, and oldstyle!Mopey counts separately – and she counts twice, due to her mental condition. Which has never been diagnosed satisfactorily, but seems to be either shizophrenia or demonic possession, both of which would justify the double counting.

With the mushroom cloud in panel four, Mopey clearly tries to follow the lead of Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka of Ouran High School Host Club. She falls somewhat short of her icon, but that was to be expected – she’s relatively new to this, after all, while Mitsukuni is an All-Star. A commendable effort, at the least.

Aside from dealing quite comprehensively with the villain, this strip comes with another take-away: It seems like the “old” Mopey is still lingering in some form at the fringes of the “new” Mopey’s consciousness. Inevitably…since she lingers at the fringes of everyone’s consciousness, out there in the shapeless void. >_> <_< O_O;
It’s kind of a hobby of hers…

More on Monday.

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