Valentines Day Special 2022 – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 76

Oh. Seems I was misinformed when I wrote that oldstyle!Mopey (or classic!Mopey, if you prefer) lingers at the fringes of everyone’s consciousness. Seems like the place were she actually hangs out when not haunting her newer self is…Hell itself!

Which shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise to me, since she’s always held a certain amount of fascination for that place…especially its more gothic qualities, of course, but also the general nature. And she needs some place to hang out while she’s got no physical existence handy, so, hell, why not Hell? It’s no like a bath in molten lava has any sort of negative effect on somebody with no body.

I’ve not that often done Valentines Day specials, but every now and then. But this year was the first time it occurred to me that I could just as well – nay, even better! – do a Single Awareness Day special. And then everything lined up perfectly: February 14th being a regular update day, oldstyle!Mopey appearing in the strip before, Turkmenistan deciding to close its ‘Gate to Hell’ (pictured as background in panel 2), my declining mental health….that much coincidence can’t be a coincidence! The fates have decreed it.

So here you go. Happy February 14th to everybody, any and either way! =D

More on Thursday.

4 Replies to “Valentines Day Special 2022 – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 76”

    1. Well, canonically Mopey has had only two boyfriends that we know of, but it’s not like the background chronology doesn’t have enough convenient holes to allow for additional revelations from her hidden past… XD

  1. That Censorship Bar getting a lot of use. Then again, a LOT of fanservice in this movie.

    Here’s the real question: Does Hell chlorinate its lava/magma? On the one hand, you could argue it’s lava/magma and doesn’t need chlorinating. On the other, needlessly adding chlorine to make the lava/magma that much more irritating/burning is something Hell would totally do.

    1. I originally used to prefer the ‘strategically placed object/exclusionary framing’ method of censorship…but the bar has the advantage that I don’t have to have the censorship issue on my mind when drawing. It’s kind of liberating, in that way. XD

      Well, chlorine has a boiling point of about -30 degrees…so adding it to lava/magma would have very little effect in either direction, since it would evaporate instantly and with prejudice. XD So, if hell wants to do a proper job, it would have to add some irritant that’s a lot more resilient…but, yeah, that’s probably exactly what they would do. XD

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