Quelle Sophistication – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 77

With oldstyle!Mopey safely (and happily (for once)) back in hell, we can turn our attention back to the villain of the day.

So, what kind of damage has that humongous and apparently nuclear explosion caused? Predictably, it was negative damage: i.e. he, resp. she, is feeling much better than before. That’s the power of love when it’s weaponized in the proper way! In fiction, at least. Or, well, in the sub-branch of fiction dealing with magical girls (and sometimes boys).

As for the collateral damage, which at the very least encompasses the lives of what appeared to easily be several dozen, possibly some hundred, super-fluffy alpacas…and then pretty much everything else within at least two or three miles around the burst side, which would have been part of a built-up area with high population density…
…well, forget about it. Hardly anybody cares about collateral damage in real life, and you seriously expect the writers of magical-girl-fiction to do? Naw, that explosion only caused everything to be love, light and generally better than before in any regard.

Speaking of things being better, Biff’s vocabulary is ranked among them – another explosion that had nothing but positive consequences. Even if Snuka feels slightly victimized by his legacy expectations. He’ll wrap his mind around it, eventually.

More on Monday.

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