Balamecing Act – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 78

Well, that’s what you get for lack of preparation. >_>

Really, how could they not have seen this coming right from the start? It was completely inevitable that all of their manufactured monsters would fail, one by one, and that the twins would ultimately have to take the stage themselves openly. It’s so predictable, I’m pretty sure it’s actually in their contract somewhere. And you should always read the contract! We’ve already covered that earlier.

Or the script, at the very least, which would have told them the same. And knowing that they would have to take matters into their own hands, they should have prepared for appropriate staging. I mean, how hard would it have been to make sure there’s at least on higher building or other appropriate vantage point at the onsen – which would be the obvious setting for the final confrontation? The nature wouldn’t have mattered – it could have been just some equipment shed or something. An unusually high equipment shed, I mean, but who cares for the plausibility of the scenery when the plausibility of the plot is already that shady?

But since they couldn’t be bothered to do even that much, their options ultimately came down to only two: making their entry on the same level as the protagonists…or tower over them…on a door set up on two ladders. Also known as “Lame Option A” and “Lame Option B”. A classic dilemma. Well, actually not even a classic dilemma. A lame dilemma. A dilamea.

On the positive side? They did show up. Given the kind of work ethic those guys have demonstrated up to now, even that wasn’t a given. >_>

More on Thursday.

6 Replies to “Balamecing Act – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 78”

    1. Well, that’s okay on a tactical level…but on the operational level, a certain amount of planning wouldn’t have been considered extravagant. XD

  1. They could have setup a diving ladder/board. It’d make zero sense for an onsen BUT it’d at least be location-appropriate as a high-up water-scenery structure AND help facilitate the eventual coming down to confront the heroes after the high-and-mighty gloating stage of the reveal.

    1. XD That would have been a great idea! It would have worked perfect with the twins’ sense of refined aesthetics…and their general tendency to show off at any opportunity. Too bad it didn’t occur to me back when I did this strip…I blame my general disinterest in sports. ^_^;

      1. It’s okay, because the twins skip the first-form battle that establishes they’re at a higher level then anything else the heroes have faced thus far and go straight into the kaiju-battle phase! Because this is a ~90 minute anime movie and not a multi-episode television series; which ironically means they need to CUT OUT padding!

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