Winning Combination? – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 79

Well, yeah, for the twins I decided to go for the other paradigm of turning into a more powerful form in anime. Just for a bit of variety, basically.

And that other paradigm involves, basically, two or more vehicles/mecha combining physically into a single, larger and more powerful vehicle/mecha. Any sober assessment of the technical problems that would be involved with that sort of thing in reality quickly reveals this paradigm to actually be no less magical in nature than the other one – but it’s less visibly so on the surface. And with plenty of willing suspension of disbelief, you can always opt to stay on the surface…

Still, I have to openly claim the “magical” card for this one…since here we have two human-sized natural organisms combine into a giant technical device…which is just a little bit stretchier than is par for the genre. But really just a little bit. And it was the only way to do it. But between the “magical” label and large amount of glittery gold paint, it should work out okay. >_> Glittery gold paint is the great equalizer, anyway.

And, yeah, they don’t turn into just any random giant robot – the turn into a glittery, golden version of Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor in the US dub). In honor of its seminal status, if you so will, and also because using one of the earliest giant robots in anime kinda fits in with the anachronistic theme the twins had been going on from the start.

In the process of their transformation, the twins also supply a notable amount of fanservice…and Mopey, for one, is appreciative. Ever since she’s discovered she has a heart, she’s been subject to palpitations in certain situations, much to her confusion. Had she known that having a heart comes with so many side-effects, she might have offered more resistance. Although, on the plus side, the blushing fits very well with her current color scheme…

More on Monday.

2 Replies to “Winning Combination? – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 79”

  1. I’m not sure “clitteriness” was the word you wanted, unless that transformation was a bit more revealing than it appeared…

    1. Yeah, that wasn’t intentional – without having studied the issue in detail, I’m still confident in saying that Tetsujin wasn’t anatomically correct. And not intended to be female, either. XD Thanks for catching that – I’ve corrected it.

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