The Pony Whisperer. – Chapter 2, Strip 225

Lee has waded through an ocean of pain and humiliation during the making of this film, but this stunt was simply the worst of all – it didn’t involve any physical pain, but the psychological torment edured by a young man forced to don a pinkish My-Little-Pony costume must be beyond bounds. One shudders imagining the inevitable consequences for the development of his personality…*shudders*… Fortunately, instances of this happening in real life are exceedingly rare…while instances of that even worse fate, mentioned in panel six, of a young man being forced to wear a Hello Kitty costume are getting more and more frequent! Yes, countless young girls, relentlessly brainwashed by the Sanrio marketing department, force their boyfriends to submit to this boundless humiliation, week after week after week and our elected representatives fail to act! High time to ask the candidates which of them has an Anti-Hello Kitty plank in their platform…

As far as panel three is concerned, I really tried to draw a non-creepy clown…but I guess it’s just not possible. And yet, while today clowns are recognized as the epitome of childhood terror, there is a considerable body of historical evidence suggesting that children actually liked clowns at some point…I wonder why that changed. And, yeah, George Geekish is exactly the kind of guy who enjoys that his job sometimes involves going to the circus and asking clowns for balloon animals…( Plus, he’s the kind of guy who keeps all of his daughter’s My little Pony stuff around in a box, years after she rejected and renounced any connection with it.)

I guess that’s that…Thursday will have a special, and than it’s back to PinkPrincess!Mopey again. A new voting incentive is up, as well, featuring Mr. Neibiesler.

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