The Tale Lightens in All the Wrong Ways – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 66

So today DM concludes his sorry tale with its third part (trilogies are popular in this genre), and once more I’m afraid I can’t give him full marks for his delivery. >_>

It’s not that he didn’t bring the key aspects over right, though. He covered the background bit about Vecna well, IMHO…it’s not like I would have any deeper understanding of it. (Should I’ve researched that some more? No…it’s the kids who are wrong.) Evil magician…check…boundless evil energy…check…somehow preserved his physical existence beyond death…check. I’m not entirely sure on the burger bit, but it does fit in with public perceptions of fast food consumption on health, so it’s all good.

Of course the bit about the of Vecna is a bit embarrassing, but that’s hardly DM’s fault. It’s just that so many of the less embarrassing body parts of Vecna were already spoken for. The hand of Vecna and the eye of Vecna are classics. The head of Vecna has a story all of his own. The left shoulder-blade of Vecna just sounds awkward. The knees of Vecna were arthritic long before he died. And so on. The of Vecna was really the only option left, and I think DM dealt as well as possible with the embarrassment factor.

Then came the bit about the servant of evil coming after the same objective…and while his visuals were a bit generic, I felt he delivered that part reasonably well, as well.

No, what really let the whole performance down was the exit. >_> As a wizard, he’s expected to disappear as mysteriously as he appears…and, admittedly, he didn’t have a lot of cover out there…but the three-headed-monkey bit is growing a bit long in the tooth, and wasn’t actually ever all that dignified to begin with.* >_> So, yeah…even just dropping a flash-bang would have made for a better exit than that bit.

Overall, only 7.0 of 10. Needs some work.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

*And it’s also really not to the party’s credit that they fell for it…again.

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