Those Are, Like, 98% Caffeine… – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 13

I guess there’s two main take-aways from this episode:

– a creeping doom, even if it’s utterly relentless and horrible beyond words, is limited in its psychological impact by the sheer lack of urgency. >_> Unsurprising, but good to see demonstrated so clearly. Admittedly, Latho could have made more of an effort there…I mean, it could have succumbed to mindless panic even in the absence of urgency – some people are wont to do that, after all. Alternatively, it could at least have pretended to do that, just as a sign of support for the effort to create some amount of psychological tension here. But I guess it lacks the motivation to…I shall have to bring that up in the next team meeting. >_>

– and the second take-away: always keep at least a truck-load of super-strength coffee beans handy. Don’t put off getting fresh supply until you’ve half-emptied your last truck’s worth: order fresh as soon as you’ve emptied the penultimate truck. Especially if you only buy your coffee beans in 6-truck consignments, instead of 12-truck ones. After all, you never know when you will have to rescue a group of friends from a relentless, if slowly, creeping doom of unspeakable terribleness…or when you will have to pull another all-nighter because you’ve overlooked some important deadline…again. >_> In either case, a single truck can be depleted in the blink of an eye!

And, no, I can’t really explain how Latho is capable of drinking coffee, giving that his insides are made of plush…by any logic, that should result in a right mess. But fortunately, it doesn’t, because of artistic license in combination with unwilling suspense of disbelief. Fully justified, also, by the fact nobody would want to see that kind of mess.

More on Monday.

2 Replies to “Those Are, Like, 98% Caffeine… – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 13”

  1. Reminds me of that scene from Scary Movie 2. “It’s a skeleton! It can’t hurt us!” The spirit of Ray Harryhausen is struck dead!

    1. In Ray’s defense – while he did relish the challenge of animating skeletons in the SFX context, he is on record as finding the basic idea of animated skeletons as opponents in a swordfight quite ridiculous. XD

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