Purify Our Essences – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 14

Devoting a whole strip to somebody accomplishing the rather mundane task of making four small cups of coffee might seem somewhat excessive, but I frankly could not make do with any fewer panels to truly capture the splendor and majesty of modern high-end coffee makers. >_>

I mean, really – they’re getting bigger and more combobulated by the year, with the prices increasing accordingly. And they seem to be getting less and less final product out of a given amount of raw material. So, given that Latho is supposed to hail from an advanced alien civilization, is it unrealistic to assume that their coffee makers would be the size of medium chemo-industrial facilities and turn a whole truck-load of coffee beans into no more than four small cups of highly-concentrated coffee?

OK, ok…I admit that it would be unrealistic. For one thing, because it’s unrealistic to assume that a completely alien world would bring forth a plant that even roughly analogous, let alone functionally identical, to Earth’s coffee plants – since that would not only require the evolution of life on that alien world to start from a similar point, but also to go down the same road on an incredible large number of forks. And for the other thing…well, I’ve already admitted that there’s no good way to explain how a plush-based lifeform would consume liquids. Sheesh, spoilsports. All I wanted to do was make a joke.

And why do I care, in the first place? I don’t even drink coffee anymore. >_>

More on Thursday.

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    1. XD …I don’t think it’s going to be quite that extreme in this case. (And if I’m thinking that, it’s pretty sure to be true, since I’ve got, kind of, inside knowledge. <_< >_>).

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